American Blue Demon Exiting Water Sex Drop for Female SHP-006

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Products Desciption What is Female Viagra used for? Female Viagra enhances a woman's sexual enjoyment by increasing libido. The active ingredient allows blood to flow to the clitoris, thereby intensifying arousal and heightening satisfaction. Dose Female Viagra must be used as directed. Do not make any adjustments to the prescribed dose unless you have consulted your doctor. The usual dose is 100mg taken on an empty stomach about 45 minutes before the start of foreplay. The effects of Female Viagra can last for 4-6 hours. Missed Dose Female Viagra is taken when needed, so a missed dose will not apply. Important information about this medication Female Viagra should not be taken by women who are allergic to sildenafil. Female Viagra should not be used by women who take nitrates. The simultaneous use of Female Viagra and nitrates may result in a serious drop of blood pressure. Female Viagra must not be used by women who are pregnant or breast-feeding. Women taking medication for high blood pressure (for example, alpha-blockers) should discuss the risks of using Female Viagra with a doctor. Prior to taking Female Viagra, you must provide your doctor with details of your medical history. This must include medications that you have used, or are using, as well as any dietary supplements such as vitamins and herbal medications. If, after taking Female Viagra, chest pain, nausea or other uncomfortable symptoms occur during sexual intercourse, call for medical assistance immediately. Rare cases of loss of vision or hearing has been reported by women using Female Viagra. If either of these serious symptoms occur, do not continue using this medication, and consult your doctor. What are the side-effects of this medication? Symptoms of an allergic reaction include breathing problems, swelling (tongue, throat, face or lips), or hives. If any of these symptoms appear, call for medical assistance. Common, but not serious, side-effects include headache, temporary blurred vision, sensitivity to light, upset stomach, or facial flushing. If these, or any other uncomfortable symptoms, persist consult your doctor. If overdose is suspected In the case of overdose, immediately call for emergency assistance. Storage instructions Female Viagra should be stored in a dry, cool place - away from moisture or direct sunlight. Women sexual life and Viagra The importance of sexual activity in our life is great. Every person wants to have sex once in his life. For this purpose, the person marries to opposite gender person. Like different health problems, there are many sexual problems also which many people face in their life time. Some sexual problems can be cured by the use of common and simple medicines. Usage: take one tablet before 30 minutes before the sexual intercourse. Notes: 1. This product is only used by lovers and illegal use of products is not allowed. 2. Keep it away from children. Specification: 2 pills/card
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